Advantages of Integrative Holistic Health Care in Dallas

Wish to obtain quality health care within a healing environment? Then you must enroll for the Integrative Holistic Health Care in Dallas at Pure Health Family Practice. Our doctors are highly experienced in this field and provide nothing but the best care. Integrative medicine is different from other kinds of treatment as it is a partnership between the practitioner and the patient. This healing process makes use of natural as well as conventional therapies of medicine.

The fundamental premise of integrative holistic care is that we all want to look our best for several years by slowing down the ageing process and avoiding chronic diseases. Mind-body medicine is administered for best health and healing by a trained practitioner. More and more people around the world are now opting for natural solutions to various health problems instead of opting for conventional medicines. Call them alternative, integrative or complementary medicines, several doctors in the world now endorse the same.


Pure health FPC knows that there are a wide number of doctors in the US who have started following alternative therapy. The primary reason we recommend it to patients is that it has very few side effects. Such medicines are also cost effective in the long run. Common problems treated through this therapy are depression, anxiety, stress, cancer and chronic pain. Many patients who have come back after Integrative Holistic Health Care in Dallas at Pure health FPC have come back completely rejuvenated and in a sense of bewilderment, especially after the fact that they hope of a cure from their ailments.

Change in lifestyle

Many people do not realize that to get their body back into gear, all that is required is a fundamental change of lifestyle. Diet is indeed a very powerful component of everyday existence. What you eat certainly interacts with genes. Though we do not have the capability to change genes, we can certainly modify their external environment. This can be done by nourishing ourselves with healthy food, good thoughts, great friends and a good amount of sleep.

Often there are small changes in the diet which can make significant differences to health. Doctors delve deeper into the quality of nutrition and also into supplements. For example, a large number of people in the US have the habit of consuming cola, sometimes switching from regular to diet cola. If this component is replaced with green tea, it makes significant difference. Similarly, consuming beef that is grass-fed is also good.



We like making people smile

  • My doctor visit was excellent. I was seen right away and she was very professional. Dr. Chasmawala explained to me in a sense that was very understandable. Yes, I would recommend in the future.

    By Robert A.

  • I am grateful for the personal and caring way Dr. C has always dealt with me and my family. I’m off a lot of my meds and I feel better than I have in years. She spends as much time with me as I need and I feel I have a better understanding of my health issues.

    By Randy T

  • I was pleased with my appointment. Dr. Chasmawala gave me good suggestions on how to solve my immediate problem and also discussed with me how to handle long term needs so they don't become long term problems. I was very satisfied.

    By John C

  • I am always rather uneasy when visiting a doctor, but Dr. Chasmawala and her staff made my uneasiness dissolve.

    By Kevin O